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Crème Amincissante Oxygenante MC110

This slimming cream oxygenates and stimulates the epidermis. It trims and tones thanks to its formulation of Essential Oils (thyme, lemon, cypress, and peppermint), which produces a thermal effect that stimulates local microcirculation. These effects are accentuated by the bio-botanical complex which contains Ivy, Algae, Horsetail, and Myrtle extracts. The skin is oxygenated with specific Biologique Recherché Oxygenating Complex which acts as an oxygen vector and also contains important essential fatty acids to repair the epidermal shield. Recommended for all skin instants and is ideal to reduce localized stubborn fat or damaged skin.
Result: trims the silhouette and unifies the skin.

Biologique Recherche

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