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Jet Clear®

Anti-Aging Solutions

The Jet-Clear System custom handpiece creates a supersonic two-phase jet consisting of microdroplets of air and water. The pressure accelerates the droplets velocity to 200m per second. When the microsized, fast-moving droplets form, the jet stream strikes the skin, and the kinetic energy of the droplets peels off the outer layers of dead skin. The pressure differential created by the jet stream opens up micro channels to dramatically enhance the infusion of skin rejuvenating molecules into the dermis. During treatment skin temperature drops by 5-8 degrees Celsius. This, in turn, stimulates the body's thermoregulation system, increases blood circulation to the skin, and increases calorie consumption for several minutes. Jet-Clear's ability to immediately improve skin turgor, circulation, and humidity creates the ideal conditions for further healing and refines the skin structure. Post-operative use of Jet-M accelerates skin reconstruction through deep and intensive moisturizing and cleansing, thereby stimulating the recovery process. clearjet pic 2
jet_logo jetclear pic   Jet-Clear Features
  • Painless peeling
  • Immediate and long-term wrinkle reduction
  • Widens micro channels momentarily to enhance infusion
  • Fights acne naturally without chemicals
  • Instantly delivers soft, hydrated and supple skin
  • Ability to perfuse skin supplements transutaneously without needles
  • Produces no skin shedding