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Face : Serums

Complexe Iribiol

Biologique Recherche

This balancing serum helps to regulate sebum secretion and tightens the pores. It is made with...

Fluide VIP O2

Biologique Recherche

The unique formula contained in this serum traps oxygen at the surface of the skin, creating...

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Le Grand Serum

Biologique Recherche

This ubiquitous serum acts as an enhancing elixir that brings exceptional results, leaving the skin plumped...

Rich Serum of Youth

Cinq Mondes

Rejuvenating anti-wrinkle serum for day and night. May be used around eye and lip contour and...

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Serum 3R

Biologique Recherche

At the first sign of wrinkles, this preventive corrective and respectful treatment stimulates the skin's intrinsic...

Serum Amniotique VG

Biologique Recherche

This intensive revitalizing and soothing bio-serum is recommended for all skin types. It is ideal for...

Serum Biosensible

Biologique Recherche

This concentrate of soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and protective ingredients restores an impaired epidermal tolerance threshold. Formulated...

Serum Collagen Natif

Biologique Recherche

This is a firming and astringent bioserum, with collagen as the main ingredient- an excellent firming...

Serum Collagene Originel

Biologique Recherche

This firming and astringent biomarine serum tightens the skin's pores and redefines facial contours. It is...

Serum Colostrum VG

Biologique Recherche

This intensely moisturizing bio-serum contains Milk Proteins which enhance the skin's natural defense mechanisms and improve...

Serum Dermopore

Biologique Recherche

This purifying and balancing treatment has been developed in response to the specific problems of hyperseborheic,...

Serum Elastine

Biologique Recherche

This bio-serum smoothes the epidermis, helps offset the skin's loss of elasticity and also reduces the...

Serum Elastine Marine

Biologique Recherche

This bio-marine serum smoothes the epidermis, helps offset the skin's loss of elasticity and also reduces...

Serum Erythros

Biologique Recherche

Ideal for the treatment of skin with rosacea tendency. Result: reduces diffuse redness and prevents the...

Serum Extraits Tissulaires

Biologique Recherche

This moisturizing and revitalizing bioserum soothes stressed skin and prepares it for more intensive treatment. It...

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Serum Iso Placenta

Biologique Recherche

This repairing serum helps reduce skin imperfections, lightens the eye contour area and restores epidermal elasticity...