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100% Natural Cellular Stimulation

The 100% natural cellular stimulation technique called ENDERMOLOGIE treats connective tissue transformations for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.
  • Temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements of cellulite treated areas
  • Temporarly improves local blood circulation (6-8 hours)
  • Enhances collagen and elastin production
  • Boost cellular activity through mechanical stimulation of the skin
  • Treats: loose skin, cellulite, stored fat
  • Actions: Release fat, slim, smooth, resculpt, circulate, tones
  • Helps stimulate fat cells that are resistant to diet and physical exercise

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What is Endermologie?

For those that have never heard of Endermologie before, it’s a mechanical massage that first originated in France, which works to remove cellulite from the body. Endermologie is the exclusive technique of cellular stimulation. Endermologie is a connective tissue treatment that provides a double stimulation (Tissular and Cellular.)The result of continued treatments, through their action on tissue quality, is well-being, and the fight against resistant fat storage and signs of aging skin. Techniques are non- aggressive and non-invasive with no downtown.Unlike other cellulite removal procedures, this one is both non-invasive and non-surgical. Within the Endermologie machine, there’s a vacuum which suctions, disables and ultimately lifts the soft tissue in the body. From there, the dual rollers in the machine start massaging the connective tissues and fat pockets, so that the appearance of cellulite is improved. Since the Endermologie will be constantly massaging your skin, this loosens up the cellulite that’s packed tightly underneath. This process also helps gets the circulation in your body flowing. Of course, this machine is FDA approved, so it’s safe for you to use. lpg_logo Understanding Cellulite Cellulite is caused by several factors — the accumulation of fat, decreased circulation, water retention, lack of exercise, and the resulting build-up of toxins. There’s nothing people dread more than cellulite. Cellulite causes our skin to start dimpling when there’s underlying fat deposits, leaving areas like our hips and thighs looking unsightly. While cellulite can be brought upon by a number of reasons like genetics and weight gain, there’s hope. Today, there’s a treatment option called Endermologie which works to remove cellulite.

Who is it for?

For any who:
  • Despite weight loss diets, cannot seem to get rid of "saddlebag thighs", "banana bulges", fat deposits riddled with cellulite dimples… and basically any figure defect out there.
  • Are thin and practice a healthy lifestyle, yet suffer from cellulite dimples, fat deposits or flabby skin.
  • Would like rapid, risk-free and painless results - without undergoing surgery.
  • Have experienced the major hormonal fluctuations of puberty, pregnancy, or menopause which have ended in dramatic figure changes.
  • Have been able to stay thin over the years, but have not been able to avoid the sagging, thinning skin of advancing age.
  • Understand that it's necessary to reactivate the cells responsible for youthful skin and weight loss (i.e. fibroblasts and adipocytes) and therefore include LPG MÉCANO-STIMULATION* in their anti-aging beauty routine.
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How does it work?

Treatments are administered with the new Ergodrive head, which is equipped with LPG's patented, independent motorised rollers. The ROLL'Up, ROLL'In and ROLL'Out action gently yet intensively conditions skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation (i.e. ROLL'Up), and reactivate lipolysis (e.g. ROLL' In action is responsible for more than 70% of the fat elimination). With the multiple rotational differentials of the ROLL modalities, LIPOMASSAGE is also able to stimulate the collagen and elastin production and firm slackening skin (i.e. ROLL'Out).