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by Nora Bode Germany

Concentrated oxygen combined with special cleansing concentrate for gentle deep cleansing with the rotating pad supported by cooling and calming Blue Light. This will be the leading method of the future for treating skin conditions such as loss of elasticity, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation... Scientifically approved for effectiveness and safety. Concentrated oxygen combined with special concentrate acts stimulating and tightening the face contours with the polyrotation head supported by cooling and refreshing Blue Light. oxyjet pic 1  

oxy_jetoxyjet pic 2 Oxygen and concentrated active ingredients for the gentle treatment of highly sensitive skin following plastic surgery, laser treatments, blue peel, AHA's, impure skin, sunburn or just for a relaxing pure oxygen massage. Inhalation of oxygen with pure essential oils for the Beauty Power from the inside. An absolute energy boost for tired skin and body cells.