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Face : Creams

Crème Metamorphique

Biologique Recherche

This cream is rich in revitalizing and protecting agents that restore the skin's radiance and tone....

Creme MSR-H

Biologique Recherche

This intensive beauty cream brightens and refreshes aging skin thanks to a formulation combining Yam and...

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Crème PIGM 400

Biologique Recherche

This physiological treatment, a concentrate of active ingredients that lighten and protect the skin while preventing...

Crème Placenta

Biologique Recherche

This cream revitalizes and purifies young skin. It is recommended for combination skin instants with a...

Creme Splendide

Biologique Recherche

This cream is rich in energizing active ingredients including Biologique Recherche's high efficiency Specific Botanical Complex...

Crème Verte Espoir

Biologique Recherche

This soothing and balancing cream contains high concentrations of repairing botanical extracts that revitalize the epidermis....

Creme VG Derm

Biologique Recherche

This luxurious moisturizer is rich in protective botanical extracts and reconditioning Essential Fatty Acids. It fortifies...

Creme VIP O2

Biologique Recherche

The revolutionary combination of Regenerating Agents and the Specific Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex make this the...

Emulsion Originelle Regenerante

Biologique Recherche

This cream's formulation combines essential fatty acids and a botanical complex, to produce fine moisturizing emulsion...

Infinity Cream

Cinq Mondes

Redensifies, repairs, and reshapes facial contour. It reshapes the facial contour, acts on wrinkles, volume and...

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